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Scientific Activity, Publications, Training of Scientific Personnel

Rector A. Tarverdyan is author of 180 scientific articles, 33 of which - copyrighted inventions (copyright certificates and patents), 8 monographs, one of which has been published in English language in Germany according to the decision of Hohenheim University Scientific Council, 2 textbooks have been written for engineering specialty students.

A. Tarverdyan has studied architectonical, anatomy-morphological structural engineering mechanical principles of stems, as well as several patterns have been observed, some of which haven’t been known before. They are mostly used for calculating and projecting engineering and machinery construction structures and details ensuring required hardness and strangeness by minimum expense of the material. According to the famous scientists in this field , the most significant contribution of A. Tarverdyan is revelation and elaboration of essence of cut gliding theory by appliance of basic principles of erosion mechanics. Through the long period of researches he has solved a problem in which the scientists were interested since 1910s, that is - realization of cutting in minimum resistance and energy expense environment.
A. Tarverdyan has worked out 8 cutting devices that are copyrighted.

In 2013 various researches have been implemented in the sphere of agriculture mechanization and machinery construction. Theoretical and experimental research is devoted to the development of scientific basis justifying the establishment of the effective vibration control technology, geometric and technological parameters and work regime of the agricultural machinery for mechanizing the laborious activities of the agricultural production.

During the incumbency of rector A. Tarverdyan training and qualification of young personnel has been always a priority. Currently about 250 PhD students and competitors are conducting their surveys, 202 of them from Islamic Republic of Iran. During the last 5 years more than 80 young scientists have been employed. Under the direct supervision of A. Tarverdyan 16 candidate and 6 doctorate dissertations have been defended.

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