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Armenian National Agrarian University

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The structural sub divisions of Agrarian University with the available seven educational departments are agronomy, veterinary medicine and animal husbandry, farm mechanization and transport, food technology, water conservation, land tenure and land cadastre, economics, agribusiness and marketing, part-time education and agribusiness teaching departments agricultural college and lyceum, and branches in Stepanakert, Vandzor and Sisian.  
The structural sub-divisions of the research center are farm mechanizations, electrification, and trucking, food safety and biotechnology research institutes, pesticides, crops genetic fund, ecology concepts, viticulture and vegetable growing, veterinary medicine and veterinary expertise, agricultural animal nutrition, the molecular biology genetics and the laboratories of the science issues of the biotechnology, post-graduate courses, Master’s Studies Department, editorial publishing, credential boards and the science library.
The structural sub-divisions of the general service department are accounting, staff and special army register, information and public relation boards, the office, economic administration, computer networks and technology service center, the university museum, Zartonk rest house, Balahovit and Voskehat experimental research economic units. 
Among local and international educational establishments the competent authority of the Agrarian University is ensured by the highly qualified faculty (out of 637 lecturers 60 are doctors and 310 – candidates of science).
In the University there are 5 professional doctoral degree awarding boards in the fields of agricultural production, mechanization and mechanisms, agronomy, veterinary science, animal husbandry, agricultural production, economics. The abovementioned boards award doctoral and candidate of science degrees in the 17 agrarian professions.
The scientists of Agrarian University carry out a number of research projects in the field of protection and improvement of the genetic fund of valuable varieties of crops and breeds of agricultural animals, veterinary medicine, up-to-date agricultural machines and equipments design, new technologies of processing vegetable and animal raw material and products, ecological, water and land reclamation problems, testing of effective measures and development of measures against plant diseases, plant pests, and weeds, as well as in the field of problems in agrarian economics. In the last few years the University scientists have cooperated with several international educational structures and organized international scientific conferences.
The library of Agrarian University is one of the oldest libraries in the Republic of Armenia. It has 550 thousand units of book fund of diverse scientific, educational and informational literature published in different countries.Supported by UNDP Food and Agriculture Organization the electronic library has been operating in the University library since 2004. The necessary conditions are created in several reading rooms equipped with current technological innovations to conduct scientific and creative work.  
The University is renowned for its zoo museum as well: the Zoo Museum is among the best museums in Europe. The large number of displayed specimen is of interest not only for students and scientists but also for general visitors. The ANAU history museum also has variety of exhibit units. Armenian National Agrarian University staff, entering the 9th decade of its foundation, creates its future with confidence, proudly accomplishing the important mission for our nation and state.


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