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The founder and the first rector of the Institute was B.G. Masino (1928-1937). Later the Institute was headed by H.P. Meghavoryan (1937-1939), M.H. Martirosyan (1939-1942), G.A. Shakaryan (1942-1955), G.V. Kamalyan (1955-1972), H.H. Sadoyan 91972-1978), G.H. Panosyan (1978-1983), M.S. Melkonyan (1983-1994). Different alumni and lecturers of the Institute have become outstanding and honored scientists, academicians correspondent members of the USSR and other Academies of Sciences, academicians of the Academy of Sciences of Armenia. Among them M.K. Chaylakhyan, A.Z. Tamamshev, H.K. Sarkisov, A.A. Rukhkyan, H.Kh. Bunyatyan, A.T. Babayan, H.K. Maghakyan, E.H. Davtyan, S.K. Karapetyan, Kh.E. Eritsyan, S.G. Ghazaryan, H.B. Boyakhchyan, M.S. Grigoryan, Z.K. Dilanyan, E.V. Kadilov, A.H. Manasyan, S.Sh. Sakanyan, N.A. Malatyan, M.A. Arakelyan, M.G. Karamyan, V.B. Voakanyan, M.S. Melikyan, G.S. Grigotyan and others. 22 graduates have been awarded the title of Honorary Veterinarian and Engineer of the Republic.

At the early stage there were several chairs at the Institute, but in 1989 their number reached up to 27. Since 1933 the Institute has had more than 350 PHD students. Throughout the years of the Scientific Councils existence 807 theses have been defended and awarded scientific degrees including 132 doctor’s degrees.
The institute has had a very rich library, the literary fund of which has reached 225 thousand units during the recent years.
In 1932 with interruptions, but since 1958 regular publication of the newspaper “For the Staff” started. The institute publishing house was founded in 1946. Throughout its existence the Yerevan Zooveterinary and Animal Husbandry Institute had 16717 alumni.
The Institute’s scientists have carried out tangible scientific research work in the field of animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, dairy production. New high-yielding breeds and types of farm animals have been bred effective methods and remedies for diagnosis of animal diseases, prevention and treatment have been elaborated, new technological solutions for dairy production have been suggested.

The Scientific Research Centre was established in 1974, and patent and information service functioned as an adjunct body.
The results of the scientific-research work carried out at the Institute have been summed up in 64 collected works, 4562 scientific articles, and 87 monographs. 144 textbooks and manuals, 148 science fiction booklets have been published and 136 author’s certificates have been granted.
50 scientific conferences have been held on the scientific research works results, 16 of which were all-union and inter-institutional.

According to July 7, 1994 resolution adopted by the Government of the Republic of Armenia the Armenian Agricultural Academy was founded on the basis of Armenian Agricultural and Yerevan Zooveterinary Institutes, which was later renamed into State Agrarian University of Armenia by the Government Resolution N1597, adopted on September 15, 2005.  
A.Ts. Khachatryan was appointed at the position of the first rector of Armenian Agricultural Academy (1994-1998) and since 1998 up to present the University is headed by A.P. Tarverdyan, correspondent member of the RA Academy of Sciences.

In June 14, 2012 Armenian State Agrarian University was renamed into Armenian National Agrarian University  by Government Resolution N 872.

The Agrarian University being the unique state higher educational institution in the Republic is training skilled specialists in 37 fields according to three-level education system, which enables it to be integrated into the international educational system.

Taking into account the peculiarities of agrarian education and the importance of gaining practical knowledge and skills, the RA Government has set the period of four years and eight months for getting Bachelor’s degree in all the specialties at the Agrarian University. The approaches are also different towards internships and pre-diploma internship; as compared with other higher educational institutions it is longer and more profound.

In recent years such majors as “Commodity Research and Quality Expertise”, “Agribusiness and Marketing”, “Consultation in Agri-production System” have been tought at the University, which are unique not only on the regional level, but also on the level of agrarian universities of the CIS member countries.
The number of full-time students is about 4400, in part-time education system there are about 5800 and at the college – 157students. In all the specialties of the first and second year of Master’s Studies Department 450 students are trained. The number of full-time and part-time Ph.D. students is 240, 200 of whom being students from the Islamic Republic of Iran and 4 students from Syria.
The standards and curricula and syllabi meeting those standards have been worked out for all the specialties, which have been implemented since 2004-2005 academic year.


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